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Arundel Forest Garden

+44 780 1073913

Do you want to live in harmony with nature?

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Want to live in harmony with nature?

Green campus is a place to work out how to live in a way that is universally symbiotic, that doesn't hurt any other beings: ideally it benefits all other beings.

We seek to create a shining example of how beautiful and healthy the lifestyle of compassion can be, seeking ways we can provide for our needs and be of greatest benefit to all life, or at least not cause any harm. The Green Campus and Green Camp business model is a vehicle for this exploration.

Green Campus is a place to explore, taste, test, teach and learn new ways of providing for our needs that regenerate consciousness, community, the environment and co-operative economies.

We are presently developing our Green Camp Basic Infrastructure so that we can quickly deploy Green Camps that are a totally off grid experience made from totally non-toxic materials whose production follows a cradle to cradle design philosophy. Our design specification is that all that we produce and consume has a net positive impact on all forms of life and is therefore universally symbiotic. 

We are presently developing a bio-composite made from algae for a modular construction system that uses a small number of panels to create a very wide variety of possible configurations. This means that we can design and deploy off grid self sufficiency at a very personal, family or even village size scale.

Once we deploy the Green Campus we have a space for rental on air BnB and also to host our regenerative programs that establish further regenerative assets for the Campus and it's contributors. Those that deliver on the four returns at the camp can enjoy 

We do this so we can pass on these healthy ecosystems, social systems and business models to our children, to seven generations, to all of Mother Earth's children, so that we and the future generations can heal our world and thrive in peace as we meet needs for food (medicine), shelter and good company.

Come and join in today and make your much needed contribution! Contributions earn you shares in the company and share options in the product stream or Green Campus you are contributing to.

'Biological co-operation is the foundation of all higher levels of life coming into form'

This is a project by Green Campus Limited & Foundation For Common Good 501(c)(3). 

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