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Arundel Forest Garden

+44 780 1073913

Want to live in harmony with nature?

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Want to live in harmony with nature?

Green Campuses bring people TOGETHER INTO A COMMUNITY explorING and celebratING ways of providing for ALL OF our needs that are of benefit to all life, or at least, WE try as best as we can to be as harmless as possible, BECAUSE WE LOVE OUR MOTHER EARTH!


The large Green Campuses and smaller green Green Camps, are built using our Green Camp System, a modular geodesic construction system (the Zomes) made from a revolutionary, totally environmentally friendly "Green Composite System" and other Green Systems that allow us to quickly deploy the semi temporary Green Camp System with all life support systems necessary to feed, shelter ourselves and deliver our regenerative programs to establish further regenerative assets.


Once we deploy the Green Camps and Green Campuses in beautiful and special places around the world, we invite the most interesting people and teachers to come and stay with us, just to get out into nature for a weekend with a large group of friends (at very low cost), or to join our regenerative programs that establish further regenerative assets for each Camp and The Company as a whole. Our programs and bottom line seek to regenerate consciousness, community, the environment and co-operative (circular) economies.


We do this so we can pass on these healthy ecosystems, social systems and business models to our children, to seven generations, to all of Mother Earth's children, so that we and the future generations can heal our world and thrive in peace as we meet needs for food (medicine), shelter and good company. We are exploring, working, living and celebrating those ways that establish a universal symbiosis at Come and join in today and make your much needed contribution! Contributions earn you shares in the company and ownership of these Vegan Edens:

'Biological co-operation is the foundation of all higher levels of life coming into form' 

This is a project by Foundation For Common Good 501(c)(3). 

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NB: The Site is undergoing a rebuild so it is a little out of date. We are moving to new Camp Sites and Websites, working with some amazing teams and designers. Please follow our news feeds all in the page to stay up to date.