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Arundel Forest Garden

+44 780 1073913

Want to live in harmony with nature?



Want to live in harmony with nature?

We are developing the Green Camp regenerative social franchise because we love our Mother Earth and all of her children. We seek to create regenerative assets that are of greatest benefit to all life to provide for our needs, or at least to provide for our needs in ways that try to be of least harm as possible, organising around our Ahimsa (harmlessness) policy. Come and join our co-operative exploration at Green Camps around the world, working to create an inspiring example of universal symbiosis.

We are training our Green Camp Co-op 1 as a sociocratic, peacekeeping, co-operative with precepts of harmlessness. Our co-op will then train up other Green Camp Co-ops (GC2, GC3 etc.) to deploy the self sustaining Green Camp infrastructure within which we can deliver our programs and establish other regenerative assets with the intention of regenerating consciousness, community, environment and co-operative economies.  This is a project by Foundation For Common Good 501(c)(3). 

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NB: The Site is undergoing a rebuild so it is a little out of date. We are moving to new Camp Sites and Websites, working with some amazing teams and designers. Please follow our news feeds all in the page to stay up to date.