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Arundel Forest Garden

+44 780 1073913

Do you want to live in harmony with nature?



We love our Mother Earth and hold all life to be sacred and we seek to live in a way that respects and honours all life. At Green Camp we create a basic self sustaining camp infrastructure where people can come to explore the vegan lifestyle and ways of living in harmony with nature.

The basic Green Camp infrastructure provides a community space at the heart of the camp with a community kitchen space, surrounding domiciliaries of different kinds depending on the needs of the camp, eco-showers and compost loos. This basic Green Camp infrastructure can be set up as a temporary B&B where people can come to explore the healthy living, vegan lifestyle and gain access to beautiful spots in a very unique and affordable way that feels at the cutting edge of new age science and consciousness.

Once we have the Green Camp set up and have trained up it's governing co-operative, we start to deliver our regenerative programs that seek to regenerate consciousness, community, environment and co-operative local economies. Our programs work to establish regenerative assets that provide for the needs of the co-op members in a way that is beneficial to all other beings. Some of our Programs include:

Peacekeeping training

Sociocracy training

Co-operative management training

Vegan Permaculture Design Course (10 days residential)

Ecovillage Design Course 

We seek to create a shining example of how beautiful and healthy the lifestyle of compassion can be, deploying camps so we can protect fragile environments and restore broken ones, to develop and pass on a way of that regenerates consciousness, community, the environment and co-operative economies. We do this so we can pass on regenerative assets to our children, to all of Mother Earth's children, so that they can have all of their needs for food (medicine), shelter and good company.

We are a presently forming and training up our main sociocratic co-operative with principles of harmlessness, our Ahimsa policy. Green Camp Co-op One with members and a constitution all about living by the principle of Ahimsa, harmlessness, and working to do as much good as we can for all life together. 

When we get together as a co-op, all members of the different co-op projects circles (a sociocratic organisational thing you learn at the sociocracy trainings) can table their ideas that work to be of greatest service to life. The members of the co-op can vote to support different programs of the members and invest in these other program circles with their time, skills or resources or start new co-ops that this main co-op will still be a shareholder in.

We will use this main green Camp Coop, or Ahimsa Co-op to train up new Green Camp co-ops to rent and buy beautiful lands and properties for people who want to enjoy and set an example of the health and abundance of the Vegan, way of life; for people who want to explore what living in a way that benefits all looks like.


Green Camp trains up and educated co-operatives dedicated to vegan principles (kindness, do unto others as you would have done unto yourself) to deploy ecological camp infrastructures that run programs which regenerate consciousness, community, environment and co-operative economies.

We do this by establishing and running a basic, but beautiful Green Camp pop-up B&B infrastructure with a central beautiful Zome community Centre, kitchen, surrounding domicilliaries, hot showers, power and compost loos. All we need at this stage is a hose pipe and suitable land or properties to get started with new Green Camps where they can do the most good for all life.

We are working with existing land owners through our land agents to rent or buy lands with the Vegan Co-ops that we train up through equity crowdfunding platforms to create these Vegan Edens.

Once we have the land contracts organised, we, the Central Green Camp Co-op, establish our Green Camp infrastructures with the Local Green Camp Co-op that we train up and have shares in.

The basic Green Camp serves as a pop-up Green B&B that covers the cost of the camp very quickly and provides us with a platform to develop and deliver our 'stage one regenerative programs', including: 

* Meditation and Dhamma programs working to leverage planning intelligence and strength of service personnel and communities organised around Ahimsa (in development).

* Vegan Permaculture Design Curriculum

* The Eco-Village Design Curriculum

* Hippocrates Health Institute Programs

* Corporate and community training in: Sociocracy, Peacemaking and village building with and Scrum project management.

* Plastic recycling workshop for further Zome panels for the modular construction system.

* Recycled wood furniture workshop.

With the above programs we are able to regenerate the area and develop planning applications with all local community stakeholders for stage two regenerative assets which require a perpetual community land trust contract between the land, land owners and the Ahimsa co-operative.

* Tree nursery, 
* Edible forest gardens
* Automated hydroponic veg production, 
* More permanent community centre (see Dome Tree & Shell) 
* Modular low cost (but beautiful) Dragon Scale domes
* Natural build courses giving natural roundhouses, 
* Clean energy (SunCell business proposal underway), 
The longer term regenerative assets The Green Camp Co-op members are exploring are

Green School
Green Village
Green Business Park
Green Campus

Green Camp is a for profit subsidiary of Foundation For Common Good 501(c)(3) - a holding company that registers and trains a governing co-operative for each new camp with the local members and shareholders thereof.

For more details about stage one, two and three programs to establish their sets of regenerative assets, contact us for our business plans if you are interested in joining the co-operation as an investor, or join one of our training events if you are interested in joining the development co-operative as a member: 

Contact, General Secretary, Charles Fraser: