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Arundel Forest Garden

+44 780 1073913

Do you want to live in harmony with nature?




Green Camp is an opportunity to reconnect, heal and rebuild a strong symbiotic relationship with nature, our own nature and our fellow man. Our team is using the frame-work of Gaia Education's Eco-village Design Curriculum ( to organise workshops, training and holistic treatments to certify the skills and accomplishments of attendees of the Camp in a UN recognised ecological design diploma. The first UK Green Camp is being co-developed at Arundel Forest Garden outside Arundel Castle thanks to Their Graces The Duke and Duchess of Norfolk.




The Camp organising Committee is made up of Gaia Education Chief international officer May East, Green School Bali Founder and Director John Hardy, Green School Director of Development Chris Thompson, Green Camp Director Jeff Gamble and The Directors of The Foundation For Common Good 501(c)(3) Charles Fraser, Reuben Langdon and Mark Galvin. The Camp is a project of The Foundation For Common Good and Therefore observes principles of Ahisa, non-violence and works to support those solutions most expedient to the service of all life.



Our first camps will take place on the first two weekends of July and then on Weekends thereafter as decided by the Community Forum in charge of The Camp, see below..

Attendees of Green Camp earn experience points by completing the various courses we offer that cover each of the modules of the Eco-village Design Curriculum, and more. By completing the various courses, the rite of passage of this community, one gains further access to The Camp and The Green Assets that we are all establishing together as we work through this practical curriculum.  The different modules of the course are offered at different times dependant on the seasons.


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The Camp's Governing Community Co-operative that is in-charge of the camp's funs and resources. The training into the workings of this co-operative, democratic community governance system are led by the directors of The High Atlas Foundation who use this model to quadruple the income for the poorest communities in the High Atlas Mountain regions of Morocco with organic Arboriculture.


Edible Forest Gardens are the highest yielding, most biodiverse and bio-secure food production system that exists. Based on the natural progression in nature towards a forest, we strengthen those parts of the forestry cycle that supply our needs. The training for the food forest and tree nursery will be lead by Charles Fraser who focuses on the co-creative gardening practices taught by the Findhorn and Perelandra Gardens whereby we establish a consciousco-creative relationship with the nature inteligences and eachother. Author of The Vegan Permaculture book Graham Burnett will also be on hand with decades of experience designing eco-systems wherein man is once again the most valuable aspect of a symbiotic regenerative economy. 




At a very young age, Sherezade began dancing becoming a lover and student of movement and expression. She moved to Barcelona to follow her first passion– ballet professionally.  Sherezade’s introduction to meditation and yoga started as she began to explore new ways to work through two chronic diseases. She found yoga was the key instrument through which her healing process was fulfilled. Having studied and worked in an allopathic environment as a cardiac research nurse and having seen and experienced the consequences of the body and mind misalignments’, Sherezade dedicated her time to search for a holistic path in order to respond to many scientific questions about how the healing process worked.


Now through the practice of Yoga and the clinical science supporting it, she is trying to help others answer those questions within themselves. Sherezade Ruano is presently a Cardiac Research Nurse at the British Cardiac Research Trust. She has created and qualification to teach yoga at Hospitals and is conducting clinical studies on the patients from her hospital that she teaches privately at home whilst she develops a yoga program at the British Cardiac Research trust with one of their lead cardiologists.



Natalie will journey with you through preparing our meals together as a community and individually based on the genetic, organic, hormonal and methygenic profile of the individual participant if you choose to work that deeply with Natlie and the functional medicine. Expanding upon on certain foods that nourish us on a cellular level and also non-physical level by creating meals together, we are rewarded by our collective artistry and mindful intention to connect us with our food.



In the evenings we will undertake a celebratory ceremony where we can use sacredsoundtohelp support our concentrationconnectingto the nature intelligences to cypher guidance and figure co-creative and symbiotic relationships with the nature inteligences. This will be facilitated by Tim Wheater and Cherub Sanson and their Inner Journey Sound Activation work. 

As our need grows for a higher collective vibration in the world we live in, allow the masters of high frequency, Tim Wheater and Cherub to take you on a journey of inner human potential through sacred sound. Lie down, relax and receive healing sound to soothe and regenerate every cell in your body, back into perfect harmony with the oneness, the earth, and the cosmos. Experience a fusion of symphonic gongs, flutes, voice and drums, while you set your intention to become energetically aligned to your path of truth and highest good.