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Arundel Forest Garden

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Do you want to live in harmony with nature?

Bio-composite Development

We are developing a new bio-composite manufacture process so that we can make our Green Camp structures and anything else that we can dream of, out of materials whose production, use and disposal has as positive an effect on all life as possible.

We are working with a company whose team used to head up manufacture of Siemens Wind Power, building their vast wind turbine blades from toxic composite materials: very toxic epoxy resins and highly irritating and hugely energy consuming glass fibres. The team felt that they were doing all they could to help the planet building these huge clean energy wind turbines but they were kind of shooting themselves in the foot by building these huge toxic objects which, once their life-span is spent, are massive toxic objects that cant bio-degrade or be recycled. So that team went back to the drawing board and have developed a bio-composite that uses a 100% non-toxic thermoforming (thermally recyclable) bio-plastic instead of a highly toxic thermosetting plastic for their resin.

The bio-resin is starch derived and can be made from any naturally occurring source of starch: potatoes for example, but it is believed that algae production, with it's 4 day life-cycle and universal scope for production

Just combine

(poo + water + sunshine + algae bloom) = starch

Take the starch and saccharify it to extract the sugars :: carbohydrates

Work a little non-toxic chemistry magic to turn the carbohydrates into hydrocarbons

Let those hydrocarbons form long fiberous chains of non-toxic loveliness and you have polymers (plastics)