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Do you want to live in harmony with nature?

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Write to the Kogi tribal elders for guidance.

Take Action

The Black Line Initiative is a groundbreaking project initiated by The Kogi of Colombia and supported by the Tairona Heritage Trust.  It is based on the Kogi concept of black lines –invisible threads of primordial thought and lifeforce that criss-cross the planet to form a connected network. For the Kogi, nature is a living organism, structured by these black lines and so the effect of actions is transmitted from one place to others.  The Kogi want to help us take care of nature by making use of the black lines.

The Kogi believe their knowledge of the black lines and of theinvisible ways in which our world is interconnected has enabled them to live in harmony with nature for centuries. The training received by their elders, called “Mamas”, is intended to help them to connect with the thought-energy in nature, known as “aluna”.  This ancient tradition is passed on orally and by training in their practice of “listening to water”.  To listen, they insist, is to think.  

Now, having always kept their ways and wisdom concealed, the Kogi Mamas have decided to use it to help us directly. Through the Black Line Initiative, the Kogi invite individuals, groups and communities with a commitment to protecting, respecting and enhancing specific sites to provide details of their work and receive practical advice based on indigenous knowledge of environmental impacts.

The Black Line Initiative is a call to action as well as an offer to help.  Wherever you are in the world you have a role to play in protecting and nourishing the earth, but you do not have to do it alone. The Kogi Mamas invite you to connect with them and draw on their centuries-old, indigenous knowledge.


Perhaps you are a concerned individual, unsure of where to start? Wherever it is you are based, look around you and work out where it is that nature is suffering or out of balance or under threat. Make a pledge to protect it and set about finding out what needs to be done to bring things back into harmony. Once you have done as much as you can on our own steam or in collaboration with others in your local neighbourhood or community, write down where you are stuck and where you need help. Think of any questions you have about how best to proceed.

Perhaps you are part of a group or project that is already working to protect our world. If so, what do you need to fulfil your goal of protecting that river, fighting that development, changing that policy?

Perhaps you are part of a development project and are wondering whether indigenous knowledge could help inform your environmental impact assessment? What question do you need to ask of the Kogi?

Once you know what it is you want to ask, you can email us at with your name, the name of your organisation (if applicable), a description of your project, the key problems you are facing with achieving your goal and the questions you wish to ask the Kogi Mamas.

The Black Line Initiative will work with the Kogi to respond to enquiries as best we can. Depending on the volume of enquires we receive at any one time, the Kogi Mamas may be unable to respond in depth to every enquiry, however the BLI will endeavour to offer some kind of response to every enquiry we receive.