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Arundel Forest Garden

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Do you want to live in harmony with nature?



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Charles Drummond Malcolm Fraser is from England, studied film, philosophy and international politics at The University of Cape Town where he stepped into the study and practice of Dhamma and meditation through the study and service of nature.

Charles left University to practice meditation and learn from his own experiments. He became a s student of Supreme Master Ching Hai and still tries to follow her teachings. He made a TV show for Community TV in Cape Town to try, 'Manna - The Ubuntu Living Show' to try and learn "how to work with nature to provide for our needs (food, shelter and good company) harmlessly, abundantly and freely. 

Returning to the UK in 2009 Charles put what he had learned into practice and assisted in the founding and direction of World Preservation Foundation (NGO) delivering conferences to parliament on the most expedient environmental solutions: 'To assimilate, document and present scientific data relating to climate change; including deforestation, disease, drought and global hunger. To serve as an access-point for information to assist media and concerned parties to engage these topics and to encourage governments, public bodies and other institutions to introduce beneficial legislation and policies resulting in the subsequent mitigation of climate change and minimization of associated human, planetary and economic costs; also safeguarding water supplies, preserving forests, minimizing environmental degradation, improving health and alleviating global food shortages.'

Charles also founded, Arundel Forest Garden Her Grace The Duchess of Norfolk and The Norfolk Estate and in conscious co-creation with the nature intelligences as taught by, workbooks: ' The Perelandra Garden', 'The Findhorn Garden' and 'The Handbook for A New Paradigm'. The garden was also an experiment for bringing a mutual credit co-operative economic paradigm, The Community Exchange System, to the UK. (To join our exchange where trade is protected by the precepts join The Beacon Bank Community Exchange under UK exchanges at The Garden taught Charles the organic, co-operative model organised around Ahimsa, harmlessness, necessary for the most bio-secure and egalitarian (safe) provision of needs that would later become Green Camp.

The forest garden is protected by The Five Buddhist Precepts for harmlessness which lead to the creation of The Foundation For Common Good 501 (c)(3) (The FFCG) by Charles, film and truth seeking star Reuben Langdon and Quan Yin brother Mark Galvin.

In 2012 they co-founded The Foundation For Common Good, a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes. The specific purposes of the Organization are primarily to: “promote and advance education and scientific research in technologies and philosophies that promote sustainable life, consciousness and well-being for all life, everywhere and always within precepts for harmlessness and any other lawful activities permitted under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law.

The Organization, its’ Directors, Officers, Employees and independent contractors work to ensure that the Organization’s activities will be engaged in “within the precepts for harmlessness” by adhering to the Ahimsa Policy as adopted under the Organization’s Bylaws.

Originally FFCG focused on exotic energy technologies and Reuben and Charles developed a dragon's den TV show for exotic energy technologies, Ultimate Energy Showdown, but they were unsuccessful at getting the show off the ground. The FFCG became a research and development network hub for those technologies instead. Charles worked to assess and test the various technolgies and a book was published about the most robust device and theory: 'Virtual Particles in Electromagnetism' explaining the independent validation and theory behind the nano-crystalline atomic resonance coupling device (Crystal Cell) of Marcus Reid and which provided a heretofore absent physical definition of observable energy. Charles also contributed to the research and development around resonant circuitry involving Vortex Based Mathematics and the super efficient lighting that these "joule ringer" circuits provide with Randy Powell (and friends) who was instrumental in the start of Na'vi Camp and introducing Charles to Reuben and the field.

Later, drawing on the lessons learned trying fulfill The FFCG mandate to support that which is most expedient to all life, The FFCG was used to pitch Na'vi Camp to James Cameron and The Film Makers of Avatar with whom Reuben made Avatar I, then, the highest grossing film of all time. The initial concept paper was approved for further development by James Cameron, but in the end it was decided that we develop our own brand, Green Camp, that could later be used as a platform for delivering all kinds of thematic learning environments (as per the Three Frame Day Learning Model of our friends at Green School, Bali). Reuben is presently making Avatar IIIII and IV so we hope to keep that camp abreast of our developments in the hope of potential future co-operation. 

Green Camp was initially incubated at the camp that Charles had started at Arundel Forest Garden but grew too quickly for the comfort of the land owners. Charles is now focused on designing and building The Zome construction system, the main structure for 'The Basic Green Camp Infrastructure'. The Zome creates an asset for the co-operative so that we can afford our own lands that we can deploy camps upon where we explore how to live in universal symbiosis, in ways that are of benefit to all, or at least that harm none.