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Dunrobin Distillery & Forest Wealth Program Caledonia

Efforts to finance the Dunronin Distillery project and establish a charitable foundation where the investors direct a portion of the funds to socially and environmentally regenerative projects such as a Green Campus’ Caledonian Forest Wealth Program, RAF Kinloss redevelopment with Findhorn eco-village and others


Jack Kidd and his Wife Rosey and their family live at Gordonbush estate (c. 100,000 acres) on the East Coast of The Highlands. They have been interested in and supportive of ideas for a Green Campus and the Caledonian Forest Wealth Program on their estate there for some time.

Jack introduced Green Campus director Charles Fraser to Boban Costin who's family live at the next door Dunrobin estate (c. 100,000 acres) and their project to establish a distillery on the estate.

Charles introduced the investment proposal to Green Campus CFO Sinesh Shah who is presently reviewing the financial model to introduce to his investment network.

Sinesh and Charles both suggested that a Foundation be formed that the investors become the board of directors for, that directs a portion of the profits to socially and environmentally regenerative projects in the region. This would open investment up to the impact investment network in the region and form quite a magical council that may include Paul Lister, from nearby Alladale Wilderness Reserve, May East, from Findhorn and Gaia Education, HRH Prince Charles and others.

The group are reviewing the financial model and foundation presently and potential projects that it can support that may include a Green Campus organised around The Calledonian Forest Wealth Program that develops high value products from indigenous Calledonian forest products and also a regenerative development project at RAF Kinloss that may be in re-development by Findhorn ecovillage's leadership. On-going discussion with the principles is underway and updates will be posted to this page.

Friday 27/04/2017



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