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Arundel Forest Garden

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Dear Team & Supporters,

I hope this finds you all in excellent health. Herewith the latest on Green Campus Limited development, celebrating and working to put to good use all that we have found that is most expedient to the service of all life within our present capacity, working to create an inspiring example that others can follow to provide for all their needs in a way that regenerates consciousness, community, environment and co-operative economies. 


Things are progressing incredibly well! A world class team has come together to help create this ethical business model and bio-composite modular emergency shelter system, 'The Green Camp System'.

Presi is starting a Business Sustainability Management course with Cambridge and I introduce the teams below working to build the first prototypes of our structures ready for sale and rental at festivals, off grid 'Green Camps' for on AirBnB in Camp Sites around the UK.  

The long term goal is to set up a 'Green Campus' where we own the land and incentivise people to come and deliver on the four returns, as the more that they provide those needed regenerations, the more ownership of the land and votes in the circles in charge they earn: so the more people regenerate life on the land, the more ownership of the land they get: real shares. We are doing this first with share options the team building this regenerative development franchise. 

I am working with Sinesh (more below) on our financial model and hope that we will have that ready mid-month so to apply for and then issue SEIS shares thereafter to raise the capital to start testing, building and manufacturing our Green Camp Structures made from a revolutionary non-toxic biocomposite.

Our manufacture team to 1) develop prototypes, 2) test to make safety certifications and 3) set up for manufacture is made up of experts from The National Composite Center, Gurit, Rogers Advanced Composites, and Pond.

We have just finished our application to Innovate UK, a government grant service that will pay us back 70% of our £317k bill back if successful. The project will test the materials for their mechanical properties, build and test prototypes for fire safety and make sure we meet needed safety certification and then set us up for batch manufacture (more about that below).

Once we are set up with manufacture we will start deploying our first Green Camps. Our first Innovate UK application to the Materials and Manufacturing competition was finished on the 31st of January and we are working on a second application for the end of this month to the 'Open Call' competition which may give us a chance to reduce our costs.


I am very glad to introduce Sinesh Shah who is very kindly re-building and completing the Green Campus financial model. Sinesh is the director of investment for Amber Infrastructure Group and is normally building schools and hospitals for his investors and Government.

Even in the midst of the Carillion crisis, which finds Sinesh needing to find a new subcontractor to build and operate his schools and hospitals for his investors, Sinesh is very kindly making sure we have a very robust financial model, rebuilding the rather confusing one that I built, right down to every nut and bolt and building up the business model to include our SEIS share offering and all factors of appreciation and depreciation, running risk simulations so we know our weaknesses and targets all the way through EIS share offering and future business model (hopefully an ICO to launch 'The App', more below).

We hope to be finished with the financial model by the middle of this month and then make our application for SEIS share status to the HMRC so we can offer investors a 50% tax rebate for a total of £150k of investment. Coupled with the Innovate UK refund and pre-sales of the the Zomes we have projection that takes us to batch manufacture readiness. 


Sinesh's career is nothing short of epic. He was the commercial director for Sir Robert MacAlpine previously. Once we work out the value of the shares I'd like to create some share options for Sinesh to keep being an Director of Investment for Green Campus too. His contributions are worth over £10k already.


Green Campus PwC Pitch (360 video - click to move the camera)
12 Minute Video of the 'Green Campus Overview' presentation I gave at PWC's Green Finance Initiative where I met Sinesh and some of the PwC team who hopefully will be part of the team (more below).

The PwC meeting the PwC team (introduced next) helped introduce me to PwC's head of Financial Services Regulations Lawyer, Martin Sandler, to discuss our Green Coin ICO. The idea I had was to have a block chain and app that records the contributions of Green Campers as they deliver on 'the four returns': regenerating consciousness (by coming to meditation sessions), community (by getting involved in working through the backlog and making decisions, organising events), environment (by helping in the indoor farms and food forests etc) and co-operative economy (by contributing economically, inviting their friends to stay etc): then they earn share options set aside for the community to earn.

This means, the harder one works to regenerate nature at the Green Campus, the more one can actually start to take ownership of that land, as the company owns the land in our business model. Votes can be earned for each camp too. The problem is if we launch an ICO we are creating a security and you need huge regulation so the conclusion of our meeting was that we need to create 'a convertible instrument' (a utility) that is dependent on a vote to convert. If we make any promises then it is a security and needs hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of regulation to offer to the public.

Previously Richard Skaife ( and Denzy Fiegelson had offered to help us build 'The App' to gamify our curriculum when Green Camp was Na'vi Camp being pitched to James Cameron and Jon Landau who made Avatar. We asked Richard and Denzy if they'd like to help us build much the same functional with us now we are a bit further along, using a blockchain (to make use of it's totally unhackable features) for Green Campus and Richard explained they couldn't with out a legal view from a qualified lawyer that they were not working on a security, otherwise they risked being refused entry to the USA for even advising us. So Martin the lawyer from PwC said he'd give us a legal view once we have our white paper outlined, and he'd help with that but it'd cost about £10k so I think we better get busy with that after SEIS funding (£150k) and we have EIS funding round, up to £5m (see timetable below). 

Green Coin development is being discussed in the GoogleGroup. Let me know if you want to join and why and I'll introduce you to the group, including Tim Jenkin, architect of The Community Exchange System, a.k.a "The Real Harry Potter", about to have Daniel Radcliffe star in a film about his anti apartheid work and maximum security prison escaping, Mark Graves, the genius behind the MyIRE (My Integrated Research Environment, that solves the reproducibility problem in science) BlockChain, Joey Cacciatore behind the Lacuna creative spaces in Chicago and their team mostly.



Mark, his team and I are exploring a role whereby I can be a 'Community Manager' for MyIRE here in the EU, brining the platform to hospitals, schools, universities, scientific journals and publishing companies offering the service so data from their experimentation can be stored on the MyIRE blockchain immutably and then others can "plugin" to that data reliably and optionally, at profit to the suppliers. I hope this will be of particular interest to Professor Pollack and the Institute of Venture Science and the indoor agriculture movement, recording their various heat, light, water, nutrient, species and variety combinations with indoor farming as per the Microsoft AI for Earth project I have been trying to get in-front of The World Food Program. Still in evaluation stage.
  • Our weekly scrum meeting for this is on Wednesdays at 15BST
At the PWC meeting I was very fortunate to have the support of with PWC's finance and outsource solutions for small companies team lead Andrew Spooner who helps direct their '' accounting system for startups, Senor TAX advisor Julian Redwood and tax manager Sephano Belbin who helps companies earn tax rebates of up to 15% for innovate research.


We are very lucky to have Nigel Keen, Advanced Market Development Engineer and Christian Tribbe, Technology Project Lead - Emerging Markets, SME’s and Training at the UK National Composites Centre with whom I will be carrying out initial materials characterisation tests of our bio-composites combined with different natural fibers (wool, hemp, flax, meadowgrass) to create the panels for "The Green Camp Modular Construction System".

This means making some test panels and performing mechanical tests on how strong it all is in different temperatures and humidities. They will also help us to develop prototype structures and set up for batch manufacture. Our manufacture system will fit on a table (within a Green Camp structure) and the final output of our co-operation will be a batch manufacture system that will allow us to manufacture the panels from natural fiber and this non-toxic, recyclable, compostable bio-plastic (from algae).

Robin & Glastonbury

We hope to come to terms with and work out share options for Robin who is head of production for festivals like Glastonbury and BoomTown so he can help us to bring The Green Camp System to festivals and events. He is going to join our production meetings at the National Composite Center (NCC) in Bristol where he is from, helping us work towards being able to deliver Green Camp structures for the V.I.P area at Glasto 2019. My thinking is if the Green Camp structures survive that, we will be good for trials in refugee camps. 


Both Wytchcraft Composites ( in Itchenor Harbour and Rogers Advanced Composites in Southampton have expressed an interest in becoming our manufacturing partner and supporting the setup of a few Green Camp Structures, within which we house "The Green Compositing System" we are developing to manufacture the panels for our Green Camp System and continue innovating with the revolutionary bio-plastic.

The key thing about this site is to demonstrate a totally non-toxic site as that is our USP. That was why I was originally looking at the Wytchraft site in Itchenor to put it outside in the clean and show the cleanest example possible of the Green Composite System manufacturing panels within one of our Zomes.


If we put a totally clean smelling worskpace in the middle of a site that smells of very highly toxic resins we kind of loose the point of "The Green Compositing System" we are all working hard to set up as a showcase of a revolution in totally non-toxic super advanced composites.

I was introduced to Simon Rogers of Rogers Yacht Design, Rogers Advanced Composites and Windship Technology  by Tony Chignell who used to work at Green Marine (our last manufacture partner that went into administration before prototyping could begin). Our first meeting was incredibly positive and Simon is coming to planning meetings with The National Composite Center to work on our second application due at the end of this month. Simon was very keen to help us get to a stage where we are ready for mass-production, able to produce 20,000 units a year, able to supply large garden store chains and places like Harrods.

Simon even mentioned that he has land where we could set up the batch manufacture showcase, the system we are developing first with the NCC that just needs a table, the moulds that are basically big cookie cutters and silicon mould tops that have a heating element in them necessary to melt the bioplastic in the mould to make the panels for the Zomes. This table top manufacture system is totally non toxic and uses just the bio-plastic and natural fibers and can be easily exported to wherever we want to start a new batch production centre that becomes an ever growing Green Campus it's self, teaching these skills and the other skills from our programs.

Simon's background is in Yacht design (as seen above and on the websites linked above), his brother helped make the original Blue Planet with David Attenborough and he is now busy with Windship Technology, a company making massive sails for tankers that projects to save 1% of anthropogenic GHGs. 

We will keep you updated of the conclusions of our next meetings with the NCC.

Ifty has very kindly been supporting and educating me about his platform (example pic below) which allows us to create and issue our SEIS shares and further share options that key members of the team can work towards to earn share in the company. 
Please can everyone contact me if they have any questions.

My number is: +447801073913 -
or email:

If you want access to the documents then you need to sign our NDA so write if you want those; likewise for access to all previous meeting minutes.

I'd like to open-source everything but it just needs a bit better organising at the moment and I don't want to put anything too confusing out. These are just internal updates to try and keep us abreast of eachother.

Very glad to be on this journey with all of you. Thank you so much for your support and yes, lets work out and celebrate those solutions most expedient to all life at Green Campuses together.

Very best


General Secretary
Green Campus Limited
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