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Arundel Forest Garden

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Do you want to live in harmony with nature?



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Green Campus: exploring universal symbiosis.

Greetings Green Campus Faculty,

I hope this finds you all in excellent health and superb spirits. Here is an update on where we are at with ongoing processes that are underway to build Green Campus as a regenerative development franchise that you are all involved in.

Thanks as ever for your patience and support. Below I go over the basic developments, relevant prospects with updates and introductions to the community.

To summarise: things are two months behind schedule (as advertised in the share purchase agreement) and the startup budget I managed to raise is 1/5th of maximum so the below describes the work arounds and work being done practically FOC by almost everyone (God bless you).

Some great new opportunities have arisen: I know the model works as I had it working very well previously. We are very close to setting up a first camp and I can't wait to build the zomes, to build little Green Camp with, in beautiful places we can start to acquire as we regenerate them into very valuable little vegan edens, assets for those dedicated to that regeneration. Think MacDonald's but with principles of Ahimsa and a democratic economic model to create shared regenerative assets for communities and ecosystems.


Charles Fraser

Director and Co-owner
Green Campus Ltd


From left to right, our first to most recent bio-composite test panels, Christian and Chris (our project managers at The National Composite Centre) made testing the first generation bio-composite resin with different combinations of natural fibres and industry standard fibres. We are now working with a second generation of resin developed in conjunction with feedback from these first lot of test panels.

After some unfortunate setbacks, we hope the final mechanical properties report describing panels made with manufacturing processes that anyone could replicate easily, will be completed this month. We will wait till the final test reports are in before we publish the data on our findings thus far but we hope to incorporate these 100% non-toxic materials into the production of our Green Camp systems and other projects soon.

Efforts to find an organisation that would like to submit a second Innovate UK campaign are ongoing. Updates @GreenCampusLtd

Green Campus CFO ("in waiting") Sinesh Shah has been spending late nights and lots of unpaid time working with an industry leading analyst Nimar Sehmi and I to completely rebuild the Green Campus Finance Model and business plan since December when we met. We are incredibly lucky to have these two working on the financial model! When Sinesh and Nimar are not building schools and hospitals for the government, they are working out what the public and private sector should be spending their money on. Sinesh has never chosen an investment that has lost money and all of them are still in operation! Nimar is assessing which fibre-optic systems the big PPPs should be investing in. A real team of left (intuition) and right (analysis) hemispheres, left and right wings of human characteristics working in great harmony as indeed there is such great potential for in finding each-other's strengths (an address of the flawed but deeply insightful Prof. Peterson to The Oxford Union on the topic of the potential complimentary political balance between left and right).
We have finally put together the basic model that has systems for 1. working our the cost of each different zome with various optional extra sub-assemblies (solar power, salt-water batteries, home-biogas kitchen, home-biogas shower etc) and 2. for calculating the cost of configuring different Green Camps with different numbers of beds that can be rented out.

The model then allows us to calculate 1. hotel revenues (where we set up Green Camps to rent on AirBnB), 2. a rental model (where we rent the structures out to weddings and festivals) and 3. a sales model where we just sell individual units.

There is quite a lot of ironing out of kinks to do but early indications show that the least risky business model and by far the most profitable business model is to pursue the hotel model, setting up Green Camps for an off-grid Air BnB rental experience (maybe even member system) in very beautiful places around the UK and then around the world.
We must still run some risk analysis on the model model, then update the Information Memorandum that goes along with a valuation to HMRC to apply for the the SEIS share status so we can offer a first round of SEIS shares such that investors get a 50% tax dedication on the amount they invest up to £150,000. 

The valuation will also allow us to calculate shares against work already done, sweat equity: at a premium!

For access to the financial model please contact to sign an NDA

In my last email: 'GREEN CAMPUS SHARE PURCHASE AGREEMENT'  I set out a series of startup budgets from the most basic (£10,000) to the most far reaching (£50,000) and a share purchase agreement so that we could build the Zome 6 prototype and take it to The Klosters Forum offering 10% of the company for the full £50,000 budget.

After I had a series of personal loans refused I was finally able to raise £10,500 which JUST covers the most basic aspects of the bill to build the moulds, buy the materials, build the prototype, buy a trailer to move it around, build the most basic configurator website and pay for the bio-plastics research.

In order to keep costs low I am going to make the moulds at Eleanore Gate Lodge garages and then bring the finished tools to only pay for for mould prep and production at Rogers Advanced whose shop floor rent I can't afford.

You can still find the share purchase agreement in the 'Green Campus Startup Budget' PDF linked here. I welcome any interest and negotiation.
Construction manager Dave Monks and Tony Chignell head of composites engineering at Rogers Advanced Composites, our manufacturing partners continue to be patient and generous with their time, expertise and general help getting started with Zome 6 prototype manufacture.

In the below image (from Right) Tony, Dave and Craig are busy  manufacturing carbon fibre cranes at the Rogers Advanced Composites facility in Southampton. These composite cranes are 4x lighter then steel and much stronger! These structures save weight and therefore fuel as these cranes are positioned on very advanced marine research vessels.
Above: The cutting diagram for the moulds. It proved impossible to have the moulds cut by a computer controlled CnC machine: All quotes for CNC were £8,000 and up. Simon Rogers and company at Roger's Advanced very kindly let me set up shop to cut the materials there but I can't afford the ground rent while all the materials take up to 4 weeks to arrive so I'll continue at Gate Lodge garages FOC.
The final moulds will allow us to clear cast 100% transparent panels for the Zomes out of the 30-80% bio-based bio-plastics. Even when we start to use the 100% bio-based materials, we can use the same moulds.

For more information on the mould making process click here

The configurator website we are building with allows users to configure their own Green Camps for their individual needs, snapping together the different Green Camp Structures and modular subassemblies that fit together to provide a very affordable, ecological and totally off grid experience.

Other examples of their configurator websites include:

And many more
As you may remember from previous communications I have been working to set up production of very valuable medicines for motor neurone diseases at a farm in my home village of West Wittering on the south coast of England. 

I made a production contract for the farmer and sent it to him and the landlord. I have been offered this incredibly beautiful cottage on the farm to stay on at an affordable rate. It has a garage that I can make the tools out of and where I can also be close to Rogers Advanced for work. The garden provides a perfect demo site for a little Green Camp so people can come see Zome 6 in situ for themselves.

I hope you will all come to test it out and develop plans together. Expect lots of seaside activities! 

The name of the farm, Eleanore, most likely originates from the Greek language and means "sympathy, compassion". Some sources also suggest a Latin origin and the meaning "one who heals". Updates will be available at



Cadair Idris is the second largest mountain in Wales, Gwynedd, which lies at the southern end of the Snowdonia National Park near the town of Dolgellau. The name of the mountain means, seat of Idris, the giant, for the mountain is shaped like a large seat.

I climbed the mountain with a friend on a rekkie looking for Green Camp sites recently. After our climb, we took to the most picturesque hotel and restaurant by the lakeside below for a refreshing drink of the incredibly fine Welsh Ales. I shared in the appreciation of them with the proprietor of the pub, Malcom.

I found out that Malcolm was a pilot and we discussed the E-VTOL jets and establishing routes for them and building them from our bio-composites and eventually we discussed the Green Camps we were building from them and Malcom was very keen to show me a spot of land he had looking over the lake that he felt would be ideal for a Green Camp during the summer months to help him deal with this oversubscribed season.

Below is a render I have made of a simple Green Camp for the site so they can offer their guests an off grid experience with all of the comforts the hotel restaurant and housekeeping offer (the plot is right by the hotel). Discussions are ongoing and you can follow progress at 
        BBC INTERVIEW                         &              SOIL CAMPUS GUERNSEY
We were very lucky to be interviewed by BBC Guernsey who had found some of our earlier newsletters which presented our minutes discussing a "Soil Campus" with Jock Pettit at listen to the whole interview click here
We flew a small plane over trying to work our routes with pilots for an electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Jet that I am exploring setting up routes with to create the cleanest, safest and fastest form of transport yet invented. @GreenCampusLtd for more.
My Integrated Research Platform
On Thursday the 5th of July, Mark Graves gave a presentation of the system he built to directors and heads of staff at the world famous Hippocrates Institute who use raw, plant based, organic remedial nutrition, exorcize, psychology and "spiritual practice" (mindfullness techniques) to treat and prevent the most common degenerative diseases.

For years The Hippocrates Institute has treated degenerative diseases with a far higher success rate then main stream medicine. They have many testimonials to account for this however the $500,000 startup budget and lack of IP for clinical studies (you can't patent veganism) has prevented organisations like these from being able to present their data in the traditional clinical trial way. solves this problem by reducing the cost for research by about 90% and standardising their best practice data for sale on the MyIRE marketplace. Not only does this commercialise these practices but we can incentivise results based organisations like these to make use of this 'Bloomberg for research' (as Sinesh calls it).
The response from H.I director. Dr. Clement, was very positive and his team are going to review the business model of creating studies using the platform in the coming weeks. 

Pending our success at co-operation, Dr. Clement will help introduce us to other similar institutions so that we can collect the data on these complimentary allopathic medical practices that work so much more safely and so much more often then mainstream medical approaches.
Working with lots of groups allows us to build a critical mass of data that we can start to compare these practices to the mainstream and let the data, deliciousness and savings speak for it's self.

Mark and I are approaching other groups in the EU and welcome any introductions to those who would like a demonstration.

I have been working to bring H.I to the UK and have worked to deliver their programs at Arundel Green Camp ( -- but the first prize we have been exploring is setting up a UK facility or UK programs to run out of 

Storytelling is the principle human organising force: whether organising a sentence, or a community. I continue my effort to make sure we have the very best story tellers as part of our community, telling the most inspiring stories therefore.

Introducing Phillip Dragash ( with whom we are working to license and complete a full cast production an unabridged full production audiobook of J.R.R Tolkien's The Lord of The Rings Trilogy that he has already completed!

Phil has created over 48 hours of performance with all the assets from the films and games providing the score and sound effects that his sound engineering has woven into what we think is the best telling of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy yet.

'And after all the most obvious appeal of the book is perhaps also its deepest: "there was sorrow then too, and gathering dark, but great valour, and great deeds that were not wholly vain". Not wholly vain--it is the cool middle point between illusion and disillusionment.' - CS Lewis

If you think you can help on the quest come and see what's up here:
Password: lotr
Please feel free to write in with any ideas, complaints, investments or remittances to

Thanks and praises, 'great praises' !  
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