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Zome Mould Making

Mould designs and clear casting of an 80% bio-based resin with UV protection coat have begun based on successful tests. These 80% bio-based panels will serve to make the first prototypes while we are busy testing the 100% non-toxic recyclable biocomposite materials with the National Composite Center. 

I have developed a way to make the moulds for the zome panels that is very easy and only needs cheap tools (a tracksaw with a blade that can be set to a bevel up to 45 degrees).

This mould making business constitutes the most environmentally toxic and personally dangerous aspect of all of Green Camp's work so far as we are working with MDF, a fibreboard made of wood dust and glues that contain toxic formaldihide. When sawn with the table saw this creates a very fine and dangerous powder that gets in the eyes, ears and respatory system unless full body protection and resperation equipment is used. The dust is so bad that we are now exploring using plywood instead and welcome suggestions of alternatives (one we have found formaldehyde free MDF is).

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 19.20.09.png



Below are some images that update on the process so far: