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Arundel Forest Garden

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Do you want to live in harmony with nature?

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“The partnership forged by BLUE, which we are delighted to be part of, builds on their extensive experience; the collaborative restoration plan ensures the local community, fishermen, scientists and conservation groups can work together to achieve a shared goal and rebuild the once-thriving Solent oyster beds.”


Blue Marine Foundation's Brood Oyster seeding project seeks to regenerate the population of Oysters in UK's southern Solent which was once arguably, party of the largest Oyster bed in the world. We are working to help Blue Marine Foundation attach cages of their mature brood oysters to jetties, buoys and any other fixed ocean mooring so that when the brood Oysters spread they spawn (baby Oysters) they are dispersed around their former natural habitat. Oysters clean the ocean and serve as a foundational species that supports a massive food chain that many other species are dependent upon including humans. Details of the sites we are working to fix the brood Oyster cages are below.