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Arundel Forest Garden

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Do you want to live in harmony with nature?


Guernsey Soil Campus

Exploration of use of Green Campus infrastructure to set up a Soil Campus with Guernsey based organisation run by Joc Petit and friends who presently run the TED-X events on the island.


Exploring potential for use of Green Campus infrastructure for deployment of

  1. A semi permanent "Soil campus" 
  2. An annual event in the position of the old boating pond in-front of the castle and
  3. For a travelling soil campus / conference.


“Soil Campus - Guernsey”

Based on meeting minutes from 5th of March 2018




Sasha Marsh

Jon Pettitt

Charles Fraser - CEO Green Campus Ltd


Charles introduces Green Camp and talks Jon and Sasha through the presentation he gave to PwC and the Zome Varieties Presentation


Jon and Sasha introduce their work on Guernsey focusing on increasing the health of the soil to increase yield, health, and many other positive feedbacks in food production in Guersey. Joc notes only 5% of food is produced on Guernsey!


They introduce Chris who cant make the call, who owns a food distribution company and outline how they should be using Chris’ platform to support local food production as much as possible.


Historically, Joc realised that they needed to get the soil right or they would not get the yields. Putting their efforts more into soil improvement rather then food production, working with existing food producers to “clean up” their soil processes.


Now Chris is very passionate about the project and they are working to create an Innovation hub space that they have great support from local government to create.


Talking about ideas for a week long conference so there can be days focusing on things like:

  • Education

  • Mental health

  • Increase capacity


They have a space near the castle, an old boating pond.


Somthing that could be done in partnership with:

Jersey Live Festival - Boutique Festival who have worked with Big name artists

  • Prodigy

  • Happy Mondays

  • Basement Jacks

  • Paul Weller


The institution that they are working with want to do a touring expo where they set up conference for a week at a time to deliver their training and various other trainings, working with our mutual friend Marc Winn with whom Joc organised the Guernsey TED X talks.  


Reason that Jon Called out to Green Campus was because he was:


Interested in food production

11% of their food is local

3-4% is grown on the island

Without 48 hours, supermarkets were empty if the wind blows the wrong way and supply ships can not get to them.


  • NB opportunity for a Leafy Green Machine / FarmZome


Joc and Sasha’s organisation made a case study of the soil before and after the treatment their organisation teaches people how to make, developing biological composts and composts teas to spread over farmers fields. Their tests were on land that has been organic land for 7 years. Their findings showed:


  • HUGE water retention.

  • HUGE biodiversity benefits. Huge runoff chemical problems solved.

  • HUGE Carbon drawdown.

  • Greater Yield (even then conventional chemical ag.)

  • Greater Plant health

  • Less Costs


Their plan to bring around traditionally stubborn farmers over to their work is to show farmers the results with the case studies. Walking them into the fields and showing the farmers the health of the crops and soil for themselves. Apparently this just blows farmers minds.



The Government Municipal tip manages 70,000 tonnes a year of garden trimmings. They try to use it but essentially they are not mixing it in the right way: creating a rotting pile that creates CO2 and giving it away.


By tweaking the practices that they are doing they can make a massively valuable product.


They want to become a consultancy generating awareness and understanding about how we as a community can generate a good effect.


The product can not be bottled (3 or four hour shelf life)


Work with local land-owners and land managers to teach them how to work with these better practices.


Training course: two days


They can’t ship product off island but they can develop the IP.


Jock wants to teach us how to leave the soil better then we found it.


Train us up on how to really good soils.


Compost making training


How to turn it into extracts and teas, to apply.


How to measure and assay a landscape then steer the soil generation into the direction of the use of the land that you want to use.


Do they want a Green Campus? To co-create a little Soil Camp using Green Camp infrastructure?


Everyone shares an interest to continue exploring setting up some Green Camp structures to create an education centre / Guensey Green Camp / Soil Camp.





  • Get a one pager from Joc and who and what they are




  • Research to the scanner phone tech for the BRIK value.
    What they are looking to measure.


  • Connect ….. to Ranveer to talk with him about probes


  • Freight Farms Leafy Green Machine Intro / Project for Guersey


  1. LGM / FarmZomes for guernsey

  2. Human waste to create food feed nutrients liquid project

  3. Needs green and brown, high nitrogen - Paper cardboard

  4. Leafy Green Stuff

  5. Composting practice


  • Design for a Green Campus on Guernsey

    • Potential trip down in the summertime

    • Grid reference for the model boating pond that is nnear the castle please?