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Arundel Forest Garden

+44 780 1073913

Want to live in harmony with nature?



Tegan Andrea Hecht

Lover | Seeker | Healer


Tegan is a child of the universe and has always believed in the magic of life. She immigrated to Sydney, Australia with her family when she was 9 after spending her first years of life blossoming in South Africa. At 19 she left her family home which marked the beginning of her self-exploration. At 21 the Greater Good guided her to London with few pennies to her name and abundance of Love as her mentor.


Tegan is passionate about the expansion of humanity's inner growth, empowerment and awareness! She believes in a holistic approach to begin the unlocking and revealing of each person's True potential, causing waves of positive change to ripple into wider communities. Tegan aims for a vision where life is appreciated as a playground of openly flowing expression, creativity, intuition and equality, where daily decisions, actions and tasks are interlaced with Love for Self and your community.


In April 2013, Tegan completed her Hatha Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and Teacher Training as well as her Reiki Certificate I in Kerala, India. In 2014 her Reiki Certificate II and a Certificate in Herbal Medicine followed in London. Tegan is currently exploring the power of touch and psychosexual and relationship therapy. She is a student of life and her ambition is to share tools of wisdom and growth with those committed to their personal development.


Only from your home when yoga is included

To You Be True
Honouring mind, body and soul
45min yoga, 45min reiki, 45min massage

Explore & Restore
Yin and yang through movement and relaxation
1hr yoga, 1hr massage

Seep in Deep
Ultimate healing and inner exploration
45min reiki, 1hour massage
Reiki - 45mins


"I feel grounded, centred and more aware of my emotions and why they arise after my sessions with Tegan"  

– Sera Ulger
Holistic Massage - 1hour

This is an intuitively guided, deep pressured, full body therapy. When we don’t deal with emotion it remains dormant in our body tissue. This can be felt as stiffness, fusion, numbness or lack of movement. With a 20 year exploration of  the power of touch my hands are drawn to areas of imbalance within your fascia with an aim of releasing stagnation and regenerating your emotional, energetic and physical bodies. 

“Having a massage with Tegan is now an essential part of my life. Absolutely nothing else can relax and rejuvenate me like it. She is totally attuned to what the body needs and I’m pleased to say the mind and soul follow, releasing into absolute 
 – Alice Carder

Couples Massage - 1 hour

£60 (usually £80)

£80 (usually £100)

This is the same as a Holistic Massage with an added element of experiencing it with your beloved/friend. You will both be massaged at the same time. Touch is important in any relationship so why not go on the journey together just as relaxed as each other. This is a great gift for couples wanting to reconnect in a different way, try something new or want to spend more time together holistically. 


Private Hatha Yoga - 1hour

£35 (usually £55)

This is for anyone at any level looking to go deeper into their practice and ultimately, within themselves.  I bring into the session psychotherapy skills, dance, energetic healing, bodywork and Eastern yogic philosophies to guide the class. These sessions are transformative in nature and will be tailored specifically to you and your journey. Each class is a minimum of 1 hour. 


“I have really enjoyed my yoga sessions with Tegan. She is a very mindful practitioner that makes for a much richer experience. She also took me on at my own level and helped me to develop much further. I really love her style. Can’t wait or more” 
- Paul Cummings

Corporate Hatha Yoga - 1hour

Tailored Price

Bring a fresh energy to your working team this Christmas! Having your colleagues unplug from their daily routine and connect in breathing practices and asana flows will increase positive communication, resilience and creative motivation towards projects. I will join you at the office to guide the practice. Packages available according to workplace/team.